We offer a complete line of industrial magnets, retail-ready magnets and magnetic devices for Hardware, Home Improvement, Automotive, Craft, Hobby, Office/School Supplies and Housewares categories. Specialize in producing and designing all kinds of magnetic products and systems. Products include:

•Permanet magnets                     •Pot magnets                              •Pick-up tools
•Neodymium magnets               •Ferrite magnets                      •AlNiCo magnets
•SmCo magnets                           •Ceramic magnets                    •Strong magnets
•Rare earth magnets                   •Magnetic hooks                       •Welding magnets 
•Magnetic holders                        •Magnetic lifters                       •Magnetic base
•Magnetic sweepers                    •Separation magnets               •Handle magnets •Magnetic ball joints         Rubber coated magnets          •Retrieving magnets                •Plastic covered magnets        

•Magnetic tape & sheet          •Magnetic clips                               •Magnetic trays        •Magnetic bulk lifter •Latches  magnets                    •Name badge magnets               •Search magnets        •Magnetic formwork system