60kg Holding Force Magnetic Lock

60kg Holding Force Magnetic Lock – 60kg / 120lbs Mini single door magnetic lock, it is designed for showcase, cabinet door etc, very easy to install. Accessories are available for inward door, frameless glass door and narrow doorframe door. A door can be kept closed using the holding force of a low-voltage magnet. Trimec’s line of electro magnets is suited for high-traffic applications as well as for easy installation on glass doors.

single door mini magnetic lock

Single Door Mini Magnetic Lock

Single Door Mini Magnetic Lock, 60kg Holding Force Mini Magnetic Lock, Smallest Holding Force 120Lbs Mini Electromagnetic Lock, File Cabinet Single Door Magnetic Lock,Disply Cabinet Electromagnetic Lock Mini Magnetic Lock Technical Parameter: Part No.: HS-EML-60 Size: 80Lx39Wx24.5H(mm) Armature Plate Dimension: 80Lx33Wx9.3H(mm) Holding Force: 60kg(120Lbs) Input Voltage: 12VDC Current: 12V/120mA Suitable: File Cabinet ,Display Cabinet Surface Temp: ≤+20℃ Operating Temp: -10~+55℃(14-131F) Humidity: 0~90%(non-condensing) […]