Wireless Magnetic Vehicle Sensor

Working principle

By capture the tiny change of magnetism caused by the passing vehicle,Wireless Vehicle Detector (WVD)will send all of information on it to the access point, and then the access point aggregates the data from individual sensors and can report key traffic parameters including the vehicle velocity, length, type and occupy rate to the user systems through RS-232/485, etc.


a) Install fast. It is only almost 6 minutes that is needed to install one wireless vehicle detector in the road, after installation, the traffic control could be released immediately;

b) Work all-weather. Bad weather for example heavy fog, snow and rain makes no difference;

c) No damage to the road. There’s no need to cut slots on the road surface and place cables or wires as the installation of loops, but only a tiny hole with the size Φ 120/H 100 mm, which makes WVDs become the most suitable vehicle detecting solution on the city high-way and bridges;

d) About 10 years long life span. With high standard water proof and anti-press characteristics, WVD wireless vehicle detector can even be used in the damaged or distorted roads where loops cannot be installed.

e) Cost saving.

Wireless Magnetic Vehicle Sensor

Wireless Magnetic Vehicle Sensor

f) Easy to maintain. Unlike the loops that are easily to be damaged but difficultly to be repaired, WVD wireless vehicle detector supports firmware updating over the air. No need to re-cut the slots, no more materials needed, and all of what you need is to take almost 10 minutes for the devices wireless updating;

g) Low operation consuming. Due to the ultra-low power design and battery supply solution, WVD wireless vehicle detector’s consumed power is very lower than any other detectors like loops, video, micro-wave etc. in the market. This appears more and more significantly to our environments;

h) Replace loops seamlessly. The same installation position and compatible output signals makes it easily and simply to replace loops in your system directly.


1) Adaptive Traffic Signal Control System

2) Red Light and Speed Enforcement

3) Traffic Flow Monitoring System

4)Traveler Information System

5) Corridor Management

wireless magnetic vehicle sensor for traffic management system

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wireless magnetic vehicle sensor for traffic management system

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