Wireless Energy Transfer Through Magnetic Fields

If the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was always with us, he would surely be very satisfied, since he thought of transmitting energy wirelessly almost a century ago. In fact, his idea was not so impossible to implement, since energy can now be transmitted over the wire using magnetic fields, even over long distances.

Wireless Energy Transfer Through Magnetic Fields

Wireless Energy Transfer Through Magnetic Fields

The foundations of this technology were already known at the time of Tesla. His colleague, the British Michael Faraday, recognized the so-called induction principle in 1831. The electric current crosses a conductor and therefore forms a magnetic field. If there is a second conductor near this first conductor, a current flow is also activated here thanks to the magnetic field. Therefore, the magnetic field transfers energy without cables or any other type of physical connection between the two conductors.

Of course, it didn’t stop there. Electronic device manufacturers in particular were very interested in this technology. In 2010, some major brands joined forces to develop a uniform standard in this regard. They succeeded and it did not stop there, researchers in the United States have refined this technology and developed so-called “super probes”, which should allow energy to be transmitted over a slightly greater distance. These super probes focus the magnetic fields and allow greater energy transfer.

What can wireless energy transfer through magnetic fields be used for?

In other words, to charge a wide variety of electronic devices. The electric toothbrush, for example, already charges this way, even small devices like smartphones, for example, charge wirelessly and not only. In Sweden, electronic cars have also been wirelessly recharged remotely since 2018. All of this is based on the electromagnetic principle developed almost a century ago, which has certainly not yet reached its limits.

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