Underwater Magnet – We get a lot of phone calls from folks asking “will your Underwater Retrieving Magnet pick up brass?” People also ask if the Underwater Search Magnet will pick up keys or military ordinance.

The short answer is this: When ferrous metal objects are submersed in water, they actually are easier to pick up, per pound, than when they are above the surface. The water makes the objects more buoyant. However, unless the object is ferrous metal (contains iron), the Underwater Magnet will NOT pick it up. In the case of brass, the Retrieving Magnet will not pick it up. Keys containing ferrous metal will be picked up.

We also get folks asking if the Retrieving Magnet will pick up rings (usually wedding) and the answer is “no”. Sorry if you lost your wedding ring overboard but unfortunately the Underwater Retrieving Magnet can’t solve that problem.

100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet

100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet

HRM-R100 / 100 Lb. Pull Retrieving Magnet Lost Fishing Gear Scrap Metal and Nail Retriever, Strong Pull Retrieval Recovery Magnet, Fishing Magnets, Retrieval Magnets Magnetic pull:100 lbs. Overall dimensions: 4-1/8″ Length x 3-1/4″ High x 1″ Wide This retrieving magnet features a threaded hold and screw-in ring, so you can attach your own choice of line. Or […]


Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175 / 300 lbs Pull

Underwater Retrieving Magnet 175-300 lbs Pull, Fishing Magnets, Super-strong Retrieving Magnet, Fisherman’s Magnet, Holding Retrieval Magnet, Underwater Lifting Magnet, Hold-fast Marine Underwater Recovery Magnet Also known as a boat magnet, dock magnet, or pier magnet, our Underwater Retrieving Magnet helps to retrieve lost tools, fishing gear, weapons, and equipment at any depth! Just hang the Underwater Retrieving Magnet off your local dock and […]