Why Magnetic Work with Us

manufacture of magnetic components of NdFeB, hard-ferrite and mix of NdFeB and hard-ferrite by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
development and manufacture of compounds for injection moulding of magnets
manufacture of soft-magnet cores by means of compressed moulding and injection moulding
optimization of electronic and magnetic sub-systems
state-of-art development and production equipment
highly professional and experienced personnel in the field of magnetism
certified management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949)
cooperation with customers in development projects
reliable partner

ensured short time from an idea to the actual product
variety of magnetic materials
technology of composites
integral solutions
different production locations
vertical integration in the group from raw material to products
wide supplier net for strategic raw materials
developmental partner with most of the customers
production flexibility (small- and large-series production)

Why Magnetic Work with Us

Why Magnetic Work with Us

Key solutions
combinations of magnetic material and geometry approved under various combinations of physical parameters (time, T, pressure, concentration)
geometry and strength of a magnetic field defined during injection molding

We offer
simulation calculation as to magnetic systems
tool construction
measuring of magnetic properties
testing of the magnetic material
customer support from an idea to post-marketing activities

Strong Powerful Special Shape NdFeB Magnets

Injection Molded NdFeB Permanent Magnet for Automobile Door Lock

Hot-Pressed Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets for Motors

Bonded Multipole Ring Compression Molded NdFeB Magnets

Industrial Bonded NdFeB Ring Neodymium Magnets

Custom Compression Bonded NdFeB Ring Magnets

Custom Ring Bonded Compression Molded NdFeB Magnets

Customized N45 NdFeB Cone Permanent Magnet