Fridge Magnet is also knows as refrigerator magnet, and it helps your messages sticker longer on other people fridge doors. It won’t be thrown away easily or anywhere. Not only fridge doors magnets can stick on, but also CPU or even white board months after months, and years after years… and might be forever.

Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnet

Customized fridge magnets are not only can be a doorgifts or cenderahati or so, many people also see it as a collections or as call koleksi. Confirm a doorgifts that won’t be throw away or around on the floor, but stick semi to permenantly on your friends, relatives, or even customers fridge doors.

According to a study at American Purdue University – average person visits their fridge 10-12 times a day. For a family of 4, this means an average of 300 times of impressions a week or 15,000 impressions a year for your fridge magnet at the fridge door. Isn’t that is cool????!!!!!

Make your personalized messeges and doorgifts last forever today! And pricing is reasonable and worth of money!
Harga amat berpatutan!! Doorgifts yang sungguh cantik, unik, dan tahan selama-lamanya.

Fridge Magnet Manufacturer
Material that HSMAG used for production of custom fridge magnets and refrigerator magnets is water resistant, glossy finishing and vivid color.

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