Why can’t small magnets be put together with big magnets?

There is no such requirement, that is to say, this statement is wrong. Farewell and small magnets can be stored together. During their storage, the magnetic attraction force of the large magnet will not be separated from that of the small magnet. The weakening of magnetism even causes the magnetism of small magnets to disappear.

Because they do not understand their part of speech in the magnet, they will not disappear due to mutual contact, and will only demagnetize due to ultra-high temperature conditions, so they can be stored together without adverse effects.

Why can't small magnets be put together with big magnets

Why can’t small magnets be put together with big magnets

Two magnets, large and small, will not be demagnetized as long as they are stored in opposite sexes, such as N pole to N pole, S pole to S pole, and both large and small magnets will be demagnetized.

When the directions of the magnetic field lines of the two magnets are roughly the same, the magnetic properties of the weak magnets are strengthened (for example, when two bar magnets are placed side by side, the N pole of one is close to the S pole of the other).

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