White Magnetic Hooks – Hanging posters and banners from ceilings is made easier with our extensive range of hook magnets. In high and expansive interior spaces such as supermarkets, exhibition areas, large DIY stores and even car ferries and cruise ships, hanging banners and posters in overhead displays provide an excellent medium for promotional messages and customer information.

White pot magnets with hook – White ferrite magnets and White NdFeB magnets. White magnet assemblies with a detachable threaded hook. Also called White Ceiling Magnets.

White Magnetic Hooks

White Magnetic Hooks

Securing changeable overhead signs to the metal structure of ceilings or roofs using traditional materials can sometimes be a headache – but not with our range of powerful circular holding magnets. Size for size, they give exceptional lifting power at excellent value for money, so the solution they provide is a cosmetic, versatile and permanent one for changeable displays.

Magnetic Hooks – Neodymium Hook Magnets
Our range of powerful circular Hook Magnets use high strength rare earth Neodymium material. Size for size compared with other Hook Magnets they provide exceptional strength and value for money. We offer three types of Hook Magnets to meet your specific requirements.

Hook Magnets – Ferrite Hook Magnets
Our range of powerful circular Ferrite Hook Magnets use traditional ferrite magnetic material. With an attractive white powder coated finish these Hook Magnets provide good holding strength and value for money.

Magnetic Hooks – Superpowers
Our super strong range of powerful, circular Ferrite Hook Magnets has the option of a hook or eyelet fastening.