Which Glue is Better To Stick Motor Magnets?

Since most of the motor magnets (arc magnets) are bonded and fixed by multiple tile-shaped magnets, they need to be glued. So what kind of adhesive should be used? Which brand of adhesive is better? Let me introduce to you today.

The following glue for sticking motor magnets is recommended by Chinese netizens:

Curved Bread Magnet, curved bread neodymium magnet

Which Glue is Better To Stick Motor Magnets

Which Glue is Better To Stick Motor Magnets

1、The name Good Brothers is known to all epoxy glues and glue sellers.

2. Henkel Loctite 326. It has the characteristics of fast curing and high bonding strength; its maximum filling gap is 0.5mm, its viscosity is 15000mpa•s, its shear strength is 19Mpa, its working temperature is -54℃~107℃, its initial curing time is 2min, and it is fully cured. The time is 12h. If spraying accelerator on the glued surface before use, it can further accelerate the bonding and at the same time enhance the bonding strength. After repeated experiments and tests, it has been shown that the various properties of Loctite 326 Yantai glue are satisfactory for use.

3. Use Loctite 326, first use loctite 755 Loctite cleaning agent, and then cooperate with Loctite 7649 accelerator for better effect. Mainly used for bonding rigid materials such as ferrite to electroplated metal parts of motors or speaker parts, and also suitable for bonding metal and glass.

4. Loctite’s 638 glue, with 7694 accelerator.

5. Our ferrite magnets generally use Loctite AB two-component glue.

According to our understanding, 914 quick-drying epoxy resin adhesive, J63 two-component quick-drying adhesive, 714 silicone rubber, 502 quick-drying instant adhesive, etc. are mostly commonly used adhesives.

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