Where to Hang The Knife Magnet in the Kitchen

Knife magnets are a sleek and efficient upgrade to any kind of kitchen. Whether you have a small kitchen with limited counter space or a well-designed, modern kitchen with performance in mind, a knife magnet provides a functional way to both display and store your kitchen knives.

Where should you hang the knife magnet in the kitchen? To best showcase your knives, hang them above the stove or sink, or in the space between countertop prep area and upper cabinet. If you want your knives out of sight, hang them in or under a cabinet.

Before you decide where to hang your kitchen knives, it’s important to consider a few things about your kitchen space and what kind of setup you’d like to achieve.

Where to Hang The Knife Magnet in the Kitchen

Where to Hang The Knife Magnet in the Kitchen

Showcasing Your Knives with a Knife Magnet

Anyone with a great knife collection knows that part of the appeal to a knife magnet is the ability to stylishly showcase your blades. With just a sleek strip in the back, a knife magnet puts your knives up front with a full, unblocked display.

Choosing where to hang your kitchen showpiece, however, can be tricky. Here, we’ll go over a few different options in your kitchen and why you might like some places better than others.

Hanging your knives so they’re on display:
In the space between upper cabinet and countertop (on the backsplash).
The wall above and behind the stove.
Above the sink.
On the side of a cabinet.
If you have a small prep area, then it’s hard to argue for a more convenient place to hang your knives than the space between countertop and upper cabinets. No need to reach far for your knives while you’re prepping food, simply reach across your countertop and grab whichever knife you need.

If you have a very crowded countertop, mounting your knife magnet onto the backsplash may not be ideal. If kitchen gadgets and tools are blocking your access to the space between countertop and cabinet, then there’s still a few ideal places in your kitchen to show off your knives.

Mounting your knife magnet in the space above and behind the stove can be a great way to make use of previously empty wall space. And if your prep area is close to the stove, you still have the convenience of easily-reached knives. If your stove is on an island and you don’t have a wall behind it, you’ll obviously have to forgo this option.

Similar to the unused wall space behind a stove, you could also make use of the usually empty area above a sink. This has the added convenience of making clean-up easier. If you have a window behind your sink, the window frame also makes a great mount for knife magnets.

If your chosen spot has a lot of area you can cover, then you have free range on whether to orient your knives horizontally or vertically. Hanging knives vertically is often the usual go-to, my own knives are angled up at home, but rotating your knife magnet so that your knives are horizontal can be a great way to store extra-large knives.

If all this fails, most kitchens have unused space on the sides of upper cabinets. You might be restricted to hanging your knife magnet vertically (and your knives horizontally) if you mount on the side of a cabinet, but it’s still a great way to fill empty space.

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