What Type of Magnet is Used in Medical Equipment?

For a long time, magnets have been a key component of many different medical technologies. Of course, the most famous technology is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which was first developed in the 1970s and 1980s. In addition, magnets can be found in many other medical devices, although their functions are little known.

Magnets are used in magnetic switches, blood separators, hospital water filtration systems, laboratory tests, ventilators, insulin pumps, etc. the use of magnets in medicine can improve the level of patient care and greatly help medical staff to perform important life-saving work.

What Type of Magnet is Used in Medical Equipment MRI

What Type of Magnet is Used in Medical Equipment MRI

In every floor of the hospital, magnets can be found to assist in patient care. In addition to supplying power to ventilators, permanent magnets are also used to supply power to heart pumps and other equipment.

The application of magnetic bearing in heart pump improves the reliability of the pump, prolongs its service life and minimizes blood damage.

Nuclear magnetic resonance magnets Nd-Fe-B high strength magnets
High strength NdFeB magnets for nuclear magnetic resonance
In the surgical ward of the hospital, new technologies are being developed to simplify and simplify the surgical process by using magnets, such as creating anastomoses. In the magnetic compression anastomosis, a special rare earth magnet is placed to compress a section of tissue to form an anastomosis. This experimental medical technology has created a very ideal alternative to traditional methods, namely the use of hand sewing or stapling machine, which has been found to be a faster way to complete the procedure and a more pleasant recovery for patients. In general medical applications, magnets are also used for holding systems and many different pump and filter systems.

Magnets are also used in technology to improve people’s daily life under certain conditions. For deaf people who choose to use cochlear implants, magnets are used to fix the head of the cochlea to effectively transmit sound to the inner cochlea. Magnets are also used in the dental field for applications such as auxiliary retained dentures. For people who use prosthetics, the magnetic suspension system can help to maintain the position of prosthetics, improve the overall comfort and reduce the need for prosthetic maintenance.

There are many ways that magnets can be used in medical technology, and researchers are very interested. They need to develop more ways to apply the power of magnets.

We have some experience in designing and supplying customized magnets for various medical devices (devices), including pacemaker, MRI, heart pump, sleep apnea, ventilator, etc.

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