What To Do With Monster Magnets – You can use small neodymium magnets for any number of simple crafts and DIY projects, but what about huge, monster magnets? Scary magnets are large and usually used for industrial purposes or for science experiments in a laboratory. This is because they are dangerous to handle. The most important thing to remember about these large magnets is that they can be much more difficult to control than smaller magnets. You should be very careful while using magnets and follow magnet safety guidelines. But there are a few things you can do with scary magnets at home as long as you are careful.

Monster Magnets

Monster Magnets

Organize Your Garage
You can use large disc magnets to store heavy items such as a hammer, ax, shovel, and large tools such as wrenches. The disc magnets will attract to the metal walls of your garage or to the side of a work bench so you can keep track of your tools. These magnets are really powerful so they might be too strong to remove from the wall without assistance.

Magnetize Things
You can use really strong magnets such as neodymium block magnets to give magnetic properties to metal objects. This involves using a screwdriver or a wrench to try and pick up smaller metal objects such as nails and screws. If you run the metal tool along the magnet long enough, it will magnetize and be able to pick up other metal objects without help.

Treasure Hunting
A large neodymium disc magnet can be used to find treasure underground or underwater. Just as a magnetic shop floor sweeper or a magnetic pickup tool uses magnets to clean up or grab metal objects, you can use a large neodymium disk magnet to find lost items. For example, if you have a boat, you can tie a rope to a large ring magnet and drag it along the bottom of the body of water to attract metal objects.

Or you can place the magnet in a plastic bucket and carry the bucket around in places where you think there might metal treasures buried out of sight. The magnet will attract through the bucket and you should be able to feel it pull towards the ground when near large metal objects.

No matter what you use these scary magnets for, make sure you follow the magnet safety guidelines. Large magnets can cause physical harm if not handled carefully. They are bigger than your hand so you definitely don’t want to pinch your fingers. They are also more likely to damage digital devices than smaller magnets. If you have any questions about large magnets, please contact us!