What Strength Pull is Strong Ultra Thin Magnets?

Ultra-thin magnets generally refer to magnets with a thickness of less than 1mm. Generally, there are two shapes: round and square and rectangle. They are mainly relatively easy to process. I saw some netizens ask whether ultra-thin magnets have strong suction? Tell me your opinion below.

Generally, the suction force of ultra-thin magnets is not too strong. No matter what material it is, the thickness determines its suction force (pulling force). The thickness of the magnet is proportional to the suction force. Once the thickness is thin, the suction force is greatly reduced, and it is easy to break and break. , If you want an ultra-thin magnet with strong suction, it is recommended to choose NdFeB material. At present, the strongest magnet material has a magnetic field strength of 500-1500 Gauss.

What Strength Pull is Strong Ultra Thin Magnets

What Strength Pull is Strong Ultra Thin Magnets

Ultra-thin square neodymium magnet

The following lists some ultra-thin circular magnets with a thickness of less than 1mm pulling force (for reference only);

N42 grade 3×0.5mm neodymium magnets have a vertical pull of about 75g

N42 grade 4×0.5mm neodymium magnets have a vertical pull of about 90g

N42 performance D10x0.4mm NdFeB vertical tension about 150g

N42 performance D15x0.5mm NdFeB vertical pull about 280g

Note: Ultra-thin magnets need to be handled carefully to avoid direct attraction and collision, they are easily cracked and damaged, the larger the size of the magnet and the thicker the thickness, the stronger the magnetic force, the 1mm thick magnet is suitable for fixing light and small items, not suitable for load-bearing .

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