What Material High Temperature Resistance 200 degrees Magnet?

Magnets may need to be used in high temperature due to different application environment, so it’s better to make clear with the magnet manufacturer when ordering magnets, otherwise the final ordered magnets may not work, and the general magnet manufacturer will ask you.

Yesterday, a customer from Taiwan called to consult a magnet is to use a high temperature resistance of more than 200 degrees of the magnet, so the temperature resistance of 200 degrees or so with what magnet is good?

Ndfeb magnets are recommended for work below 200 degrees
Below 200 degrees Celsius, ndfeb is the strongest magnet, far more powerful than other rare earth permanent magnets.

High Temperature Resistance 200 degrees Magnet

High Temperature Resistance 200 degrees Magnet

Recommended SmCo magnet for working temperature above 200 ℃
Above 200 ℃, the magnetism of neodymium magnet is weaker than that of SmCo. The maximum working temperature of NdFeB is about 200 ℃, while SmCo can work stably in the environment of 300-350 ℃.

Therefore, the final choice of NdFeB permanent magnet or SmCo permanent magnet depends on the specific use of customers, whether it needs to withstand such high temperature, and then the price cost of a magnet.

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Generally, SmCo magnetic steel only has sintered magnetic steel. The production process is mainly cutting and grinding. The specification and size can be customized and processed according to the customer’s requirements. The characteristics of SmCo are high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidize and corrosion resistance. Therefore, most of the general high-temperature motors and aviation products use SmCo magnets.

At present, the price of rare earth materials and high-performance neodymium iron boron materials in China has risen sharply. The price of some high-temperature products of N35EH and n35uh has been much higher than that of SmCo, which can be perfectly replaced by SmCo products at present. Especially for motor products, SmCo tile has higher temperature resistance than NdFeB magnet, and has the same stability as NdFeB material.

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