What MagSafe Magnet on the iPhone 12 is ? how it works, and what can it do

MagSafe for iPhone 12 is a multi-faceted feature that enables a whole new ecosystem of accessories. But how does it work and what can it do?

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe does many things, which makes it hard to describe in a single word. It is the combination of a mounting system and a charging system that unlocks a wealth of potential for Apple and accessory manufacturers.

Apple started with its Qi wireless charging coil and added several new components to create a proprietary type of wireless charging as well as allow the mounting of different accessories. This allows improved MagSafe wireless charging, the addition of magnets, and continued support for Qi wireless charging.

This new feature will is present on all the new iPhones including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Among MagSafe’s multiple components is a new magnetometer and a single-coil NFC reader. This allows the phone to communicate with the accessories in new ways. more on that in a moment.

Apple Inc. launched MagSafe accessories with their new iPhone 12 series. In fact, MagSafe is a brand of breakaway magnetic charging cables for the MacBook before, and now extend to the iPhone 12 series. Teardown reports showed that an assembly which includes a magnet array and alignment magnet is embedded in the back of the phone and around wireless charging coil. Therefore, this assembly can totally solve alignment issues seen in previous products.

Besides charger, MagSafe accessories in this release also include leather wallet, silicone case, and clear cases. Apple Inc. describes iPhone 12 series can attach with any number of MagSafe-compatible accessories magnetically, and there is no further need for adhesives or bands. Now, we can expect third-party accessory manufacturers to utilize their imagination and experience to develop more MagSafe-compatible accessories in a really short time, such as camera lenses, bike mount devices, portable wireless battery, and handhold stabilizers. MagSafe magnet is the basis to development these MagSafe-compatible accessories without any doubt. MagSafe magnet is made by sintered Neodymium magnet which will offer superior attractive force and reliability under certain arrangement and magnetization pattern.

Wireless charging

One of the biggest benefits of MagSafe is the improvement to wireless charging. With Qi wireless chargers, if your phone isn’t perfectly centered on the coil, you will experience much slower charging speeds and not even realize.

MagSafe aids this experience by using the magnets to properly align your phone and the charger. This guarantees placement won’t slow down your wireless charging. Using a MagSafe charger, you are able to deliver up to 15W of power to the iPhone.

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