What is the Strongest Magnet N52

The n52 magnet is the strongest member of the rare earth magnet family and the most powerful permanent magnet in the world. As the name suggests, magnets made of different rare earth elements.

Neodymium magnets are also called neodymium iron boron magnets. The reason for the name is the way they are composed. They are mainly composed of neodymium, iron and boron.

N grade on magnet

What is the Strongest Magnet N52

What is the Strongest Magnet N52

All neodymium magnets are rated “N”, then “35”, “40”, “42”, “45”, “48”, “50” or “52”. This number is an expression that determines the maximum weight at which they can be magnetized.

This simply means that the maximum energy product of the n52 magnet is 52 Mgauss Oersteds, the maximum energy product of the n50 magnet is 50 Mgauss Oersteds, and so on.

As mentioned earlier, “52” is the highest number in the N level, which also means that it is the strongest.

Comparison of performance grade of neodymium magnets

How much weight can the n52 magnet carry?

To determine exactly how much an n52 magnet can hold, you must use a magnetic calculator. Determining how much the magnet can hold requires some information about the size of the magnet.

There are many ways to determine the strength of a magnet, but it all depends on how you define the strength. The most common measurement is the tension and strength of the magnetic field. Tension is a measurement that determines how much power you must use to remove the magnet from the object. For example, a surface made of steel. You usually measure this strength in pounds and kilograms.

The magnetic field strength determines the magnetic field strength of the magnet and the direction towards the point near the magnet. The magnetic field strength is measured in Gauss or Tesla units and is affected by the size, shape, and grade of the magnet.

What is the magnetic field strength of n52 Super Magnet?

The surface magnetic field intensity of the N52 magnet is related to the size and thickness, generally up to 4000-5600gs, if it is too thin, it will not reach this high.

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