What is the Pull Force of N50 Magnet?

Many netizens are interested in the tensile force value of N50 grade neodymium magnets. The following are some tensile force data compiled by the neodymium magnet manufacturer HSMAG for you. I hope it will help you.

The pulling force of the magnet is not only related to the size of the magnet, but also to the direction in which the object is attracted. The following data is for reference only, if you need more accuracy, you can use a tension meter.

Pull Force of N50 Magnet

Pull Force of N50 Magnet

Magnet pull force

N50 grade neodymium magnet pull force reference;

6mm x 1mm round magnet, pulling force about 300g

5mm x 2mm round magnet, pulling force about 550g

Disc size 5×3 about 600g pulling force

Round shape NdFeB 8×1 tensile force about 800g

Round 12mm x 7mm about 5.5kg pulling force

Round neodymium magnet D60x50 about 200kg pulling force

13mm x 3mm round neodymium magnet, pulling force about 3.48kg

Square Neodymium Magnet 12x8x2 Tension about 1,8kg

Block neodymium magnet 20x10x2 pull force about 2.2

Square neodymium magnet 20×2.5 pull about 4kg

Square neodymium magnet 7x7x7 pulling force about 3kg

Square neodymium magnet 10×5.5×2 pull force about 1.4kg

Square neodymium magnet 25x25x25mm pulling force about 39kg

Rectangle 50x25x10mm about 75kg pulling force

Ring magnet 24mm x 18mm x 2mm pulling force about 2.6kg

Ring Neodymium Magnet D20x8x3mm Pulling about 4.4kg

The above is the introduction about the pulling force of N50 magnets. You are welcome to inquire about the price of N50 magnets and customize 50 strong magnets.

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