What is gun magnet?

Veteran owned and American made, HSMAG are the best performing gun magnets on the market. We make the magnetic storage and display of firearms possible, affordable, and preferable.

Americans are fascinated with guns, hence creates massive market of gun accessories, and gun magnets being one of them. The gun magnets can be mounted on every available open wall space, includes car, bedroom and bathroom. Various kinds of choices continue to grow shopping website like Amazon, and utility designs of some products are slightly better than others.

gun magnet

gun magnet

Can a magnet damage a gun? I’ve been asked this question more times than I can remember by perspective gun magnets buyers from all over the US, even more than “how do you hide a gun in a car with a gun strong magnet” or “how do you hide a gun in your bedroom“?

With the misinformation that floats around about gun magnets and the effect of magnetism on guns, I’ve decided to put together a conclusive answer to this question. With this guide, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on your gun magnet purchase.

How to install gun magnets?
Thoroughly clean desired mounted area.
Mark the position of self-tapping screw.
Pre-drilling two holes for self-tapping screw.
Put plastic anchor into the holes if need.
Tear off the paper on the 3M tape.
Stick the gun magnet assembly on the confirmed area.
Insert and screw down the self-tapping screw.

Can a magnet damage a gun by magnetizing the firing pin and prevent it from firing?
The answer to the first part of this question is simple: no.

While many gun magnets today can support well over 25 pounds of weight, the magnetic force of a gun magnet simply isn’t powerful enough to penetrate a gun. Thus, mounting your firearm on a gun magnet will not magnetize your firing pin.

Gun magnets used applications

Gun magnets used applications

But let’s pretend for a moment that you are dealing with a magnetized firing pin. Will this damage your gun and/or affect its ability to fire?

To start, let’s first take a look at hammer fired guns (check out Youtuber Skallagrim’s breakdown video on how a hammer fired gun operates).

Pull force of gun magnets
The pull force of gun magnet is affected by internal magnets and magnetic circuit. The magnet with suitable dimension and grade would give excellent pull force to gun magnet. The pull force of gun magnet will be 100% sorted before shipment. HSMAG team also provides the technical solution to help customer to achieve higher pull force and cost reduction.

Let’s test this theory.
Find two paper clips and magnetize one of them by rubbing it for two minutes with a magnet. Once the paper clip is magnetized, use it to pick up the non-magnetized paper clip.
Hold the two linked paperclips the air and try to break the magnetic connection by blowing on the non-magnetized paper clip or by flicking it lightly.

Conclusion: can a magnet damage a gun?

A gun mount in action. Look ma, no hands! Sort of.
No – a gun magnet CANNOT damage your gun. I’ve mounted my SIG on a gun magnet under my home office’s desk for the past year, and it works as well as the day I bought it. Don’t buy into the myths: your gun magnet will hold your gun securely in whatever location you choose, and will not damage your gun.

HSMagnets are the premier gun organizer magnets on the market. Superior in both strength and design, a single HSMagnet will easily hold an object weighing up to 15 lbs. Magnetic on both sides, HSMagnets offer the added bonus of not needing to use screws or staples to hold them in place. You can get your pistols out of their boxes and displayed, or you can hide your pistol in your vehicle or under your desk. With HSMagnets, the possibilities are endless.


Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Holder

Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Holder