WARNINGS! Main Notes of Magnet Users

1. There is a strong mutual attraction force between the magnetized magnets. Full attention should be paid to personal safety to avoid injuries during transportation and assembling.

2. Keep magnets far away from electronic medical devices, and keep away from people who is using pacemakers or other medical devices.

3. Do not place magnets where children can reach. Do not swallow magnets. If swallowed, see a doctor immediately.

4. Magnet has a weak impact resistance. Strong impact should be avoided. Impact and crash can lead to damage. The broken magnet chips may hurt eyes. Do not use magnet parts if coating is damaged.

WARNINGS! Main Notes of Magnet Users

WARNINGS! Main Notes of Magnet Users

5. Magnet has a certain heat resistance, but there is a limitation on its working temperature. Therefore, please do fully communicate with our team to select the best solution for your application. Excessive heating may reduce magnetism and lead magnetic loss. The magnetic reduction level varies greatly according to the working temperature. Magnet’s temperature characteristics should be token into full consideration during the magnetic circuit is designed. Temperature limitation should be strictly obeyed when magnets are assembled or working.

6. Magnetized magnets should be kept away from disks, credit cards, magnetic tapes, watches, monitors and other similar objects.

7. Working or storage environments below should be avoided, otherwise magnets may be corroded and reduce the performance to magnets.

(1) Corrosive gases, such as Cl2, NH3, SO2, NO2, etc. Magnet WARNINGS

(2) Highly conductive environment, such as electrolyte water, etc.

(3) Acid, alkaline or organic solvents, etc.

(4) Hydrogen atmosphere. Magnet WARNINGS

(5) High temperature and high humidity.

8. Fully check and confirm the type, strength, usage amount and conditions of usage to the adhesive (glue), when assembling and pasting magnets in motors or other devices.

Do not hesitate to contact HSMAG MAGNET team for any question concerning magnet design, and concerning purchase, transportation, storage and installation of magnets.

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