Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets, Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet

Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets Customer Contribution – Recently our company provides 50000pcs Strong Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets Ø 10 x 1 mm N35 grade product for our customer Devin Kain in USA, Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet is used in home DIY or office application.

Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet

Self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet

No Matter you buy 1 pcs or 100,000 pcs of magnets, you can not find better service elsewhere.

Neodymium Self-adhesive Magnets can vary in type as well. Permanent magnets do not require an energy force because they are powered by natural magnetism in the environment. If you are using magnets for a DIY project, like fridge magnets, then you’ll be using permanent magnets. The most common are Self-adhesive neodymium magnets, an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, and the second most common are samarium cobalt magnets.

The NdFeB magnets are the strongest magnets available. Up to +150 degrees C, they are stronger than the other Rare Earth magnet, SmCo. At around +150 degrees C and above these Neo magnets perform not as strongly as SmCo. The maximum recommended temperature for the NdFeB magnets is +230 degrees C, whereas the SmCo can work at +300 to +350 degrees C.

Self-Adhesive Neodymium Magnets

Self-Adhesive Neodymium Magnets, Self-Adhesive Disc Magnets, Block Adhesive Magnets 3M, self-adhesive rare earth magnets Self-Adhesive Neodymium Magnets are now available online and is a new range offered by Hangseng Magnetics. Adhesive Magnets 3M, These thin and powerful Neodymium magnets combine a high level of magnetic power and the convenience of super strong 3M self adhesive with a peel away backing strip. Our […]