Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set

STRONG! Ultra-powerful neodymium rare earth magnet hooks allow you to instantly mount your larger utensils, tools, purse, coat, calendar, banners, tarps, and even smaller items such as keys, necklaces and other jewelry, and much more!

Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set

Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set

MORE VERSATILE! This kit includes 8 hooks (2 types, 4 each) and 4 Ndfeb round magnet bases, making it a more practical and value-added kit than other kits on the market. Simply choose the right hook for your application – It’s Never Been Easier!

PRACTICAL! These super strong industrial strength neodymium rare earth magnetic hooks are small and lightweight allowing you to use them in an unobtrusive manner to solve your storage problems – With Ease. We even have customers that use them to hang outdoor Christmas lights. The hooks are extremely mighty and unbelievably useful!

ATTRACTIVE & MODERN! The shiny silver brushed nickel plated finish makes them not only corrosion proof and perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but also attractive enough to use anywhere – kitchen, garage (great on a tool box), classroom (perfect for white boards), locker (unlimited uses in school and gym lockers), office (awesome on filing cabinets, steel door frames), workshop (great tool hangers) – anywhere in your home or office!

MULTIPURPOSE & PORTABLE! These high quality hooks are incredibly handy for travel. Hang wet towels, jewelry, and more in your cruise cabin, RV, and camper. You won’t believe how many uses you will discover! Perfect storage accessory for Navy, Coast Guard, and civilian Sailors!

This Hangseng Magnetics Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set is for anyone that needs an industrial strength magnetic hook hanging solution to help organize your kitchen, workshop, classroom, locker, office, home – Anywhere!

These functional, attractive, and extremely powerful magnetic hooks are the perfect unobtrusive and economical organization system to help you clean up the clutter and just be more organized in general. Isn’t that what we all want?

The problem we see most often are that the ferrite and ceramic magnets on the market just don’t quite have the strength necessary or are way too large for what we really need. Worse yet, many consumers can’t get past the idea that all magnets are NOT created equal. Neodymium is the most magnetic material available commercially – our hooks will hold up to 30 pounds (horizontally) and 5-15 pounds (vertically), depending on what you’re mounting them to and the finish – the thicker the steel and the more iron content, the better the pull force.

But that’s not the only problem…

Most Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set / hook magnet sets you’ll see offered come with only one hook type. What if the included hooks don’t work for what you need? Do you need to purchase another kit just to get what you need, or go through the hassle of the returns process?

We’ve solved this problem! This kit includes 2 hook types (see photos) – “cup hooks” are the round type, and “gate hooks” are the bent hooks (looks like a number 7). We’ve included 4 of each hook type, and 4 mighty neodymium rare earth magnet bases. Simply screw in the hook you need and you’re all set!

So, if you’re trying to organize the clutter in your workspaces – with the added bonus of having a product that you can find a 1,001 other uses for – the HSMAG Magnetics neodymium magnet hook set is the answer you’ve been looking for! Ultra-Strong Neodymium Magnetic Hook Set

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