Trash-ure Hunting Hotspots by Search Retrieving Magnets

This post I go over magnet fishing spots that have a high chance of success for hitting something of (scrap or real) value. Fishingman Search Retrieving Magnets FOR Hunting.

Fishing ponds / lakes, many fishermen lose lures and hooks and have no choice but to leave them. Those things actually hold some value. It helps to know a thing or two about fishing yourself to know where people would fish. Most lures are lost in twigs and you should be able to spot them with a sharp eye, but also keep in mind that some sink to the ground.
Watch this video that was shot at a fishing spot to see what that guy gets out.
Check creeks where people like to do rafting or kayaking, these days they are pretty likely to bring and then lose their GoPros. You are most likely to find them after wild water stretches.
Exits of sewer tunnels that run into creeks etc.

Powerful Treasure Salvage Magnet for Hunting and Fishing

Search Retrieving Magnets for Hunting
Watergates / locks
Boat landing areas, some people have to learn how to exit boats the wet way.
Under bridges is where people tend to lose their bicycles, moneyboxes and safes.
Canals, especially like the one above where you can see a wooden barrier in the water that stops the goodies from going any further than this point.
Old wells.
Small lakes in villages. Check for small villages that only have one or two lakes where it is likely that soldiers threw in their uniforms and anything else identifying them of being soldiers when retreating from victorious enemy forces.

That’s it, good hunting!

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