Magnetic Innovations is a solid global partner for the development and supply of direct drive torque motors. Their international customers come from a wide range of industries. Next to their customers, they also receive daily quote requests for their torque motor. This information was gathered and used to create a list with the top five industries for torque motors. See which industries are leading, when it comes to using direct drive motor technology for their applications.

Direct drive torque and linear motors are alternatives to the more traditional motors with a gearboxes and ball screws. Direct drive motors are seen as a technological step up from standard transmission motors. Although the basic design of the direct drive motors have been around for a long time, it is still considered new technology.

High torque motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). They are suitable in a variety of applications where high torque and a high efficiency is required. The high torque frameless motors consist of two parts. The armature assembly (stator) with windings and the rotor assembly carrying the magnets. Torque motors have many size options, they are variable when it comes to their diameter, length and power. The low cogging design makes the motors also suitable for servo control applications.



Nowadays, engineers have a lot options when deciding which type of motor to use. Companies large and small really understand they have a lot to gain by using high torque pm-motors. Most companies and engineers switch to torque motors because they are looking for ways to increase overall performance and quality.

Machine Tool Industry
Machine tools are used at the starting point of almost every manufacturing activity. A significant reduction of costs can be achieved by installing direct drive motors in various machines and systems. Torque motors are also a good match because they offer more size options than traditional motors with a gear system. This and low maintenance operations are often the motivations for industry leaders to choose a direct drive torque motor.

Robotics & Semicon Industry
Robotics have long been an important part of the electronics and semiconductor industry. Manufacturers need speed, accuracy and flexibility to profitably tap into the market. The torque motors from magnetic innovations are characterized by low cogging values, high torque and a high accuracy. This results in smooth operations where errors are minimized. This is why they are also suitable for medical technology applications.

Industrial HVLS Fans
A quiet environment and high efficiency operation is essential in many fan applications. Multiple industries depend on standard asynchronous (ac) motors for their fans, but the landscape is changing. Driving the fan blades directly with a direct drive fan motor instead of an induction motor with a gear or belt, will assure high efficiency, quiet operation and longer operational life in addition to a reduced motor size by a factor of 2 to 3. INDUSTRIES FOR DIRECT DRIVE TORQUE MOTOR

Energy Industry
The ongoing trend towards sustainability leads many industries to use permanent magnet synchronous motors. Thanks to the increasing customer demand, the renewable (green) energy industry is growing. This growth drives companies to look for solutions that are more cost competitive, innovative and efficient. That is why companies within this industry look towards the direct drive technology, to offer them a more efficient system. Nowadays, torque motors are used in various green energy applications such as wind-and water turbine generators. INDUSTRIES FOR DIRECT DRIVE TORQUE MOTOR

Production Industry
In industries where space is limited, hygiene is important and maintenance cost are high, direct drive torque motors offer an opportunity. Magnetic Innovations developed belt drive motors and drum motors especially for those industries. Combining these motors with a smart infeed conveyor system, will result in high dynamic applications that will help to boost productivity. Several production plants invested in these direct drive motors, to lower maintenance and save on cost.

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