Theory of Operation by Motors (Permanent Magnet Motors)

In this tutorial we’ll cover Theory of Operation of these basic motor types and uses:

DC Brush Motors
Brushless Motors
Stepper Motors
Linear Motors

Please see its’ Theory Operation Motors:

Theory of Operation by DC Brush Motors:




Theory of Operation by Brushless Motors:



Theory of Operation by Stepper Motors:



Theory of Operation by Linear Motors:




Magnetic Linear Systems

Magnetic  Linear Systems, Linear Motor Magnetic Tracks, Linear Motor permanent magnet assembly (secondary part), Magnetic  Linear Drives and Components Magnetic  Linear Systems – The offer of the magnetic tracks presented here establishes the basis for the assembly of highly efficient linear motors. Here an array of NdFeB–magnets are fastened onto a soft iron structure. The […]


Linear Motor Magnetic Track

Linear Motor Magnetic Track, Linear Motor Magnetic Way, Magnet Track, Linear Motor Magnetic Components or Drives, Magnetic Track for Coreless Linear Motor Secondary linear motor magnetic track can generate smooth and stable magnetic force although applied voltage fluctuation.It has merits of simple structure, non-contacting, non-wearing, low noise, quick speed, high positioning precision and flexible assembly […]


Linear Motor Magnetic Component

Linear Motor Magnetic Component, Magnetic Linear System, Linear Drives Components Parts, Linear Shaft Motor Component, Linear Motor Magnetic Solution Linear Motor Magnetic Component – Linear motors are a special class of synchronous brushless servo motors. They work like torque motors, but are opened up and rolled out flat. Through the electromagnetic interaction between a coil […]


Wind Turbine Magnetic Components

Wind Turbine Magnetic Components, Wind Turbine Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Assembly Systems, Wind Powerful (Wind Energy) Generator Magnetic Components, Wind Turbine Generator Parts Wind Turbine Magnetic Components – With the rich experience of strong permanent magnets and it’s assemblies, HSMAG dedicates itself in the R&D and mass production of big permanent magnetic assembly systems for […]


Magnetic Motor Parts – Outer Rotor DK Series

Magnetic Motor Parts – Outer Rotor DK Series, Magnetic Rotor, Permanent Magnet Generator Stator and Rotor, Rare Earth Magnets Rotor, Motor Magnetic Components, Magnetic Outer Rotor for Motors or Generators Outer Rotor Material: Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminum / Steel … Size(ODxIDxH): abouve Φ1mm (customized size) Magnet Material: NdFeB / Alnico / Ferrite / SmCo […]


Magnetic Motor Parts – Stator – DK Series

Magnetic Motor Parts DK Series -Stator, Magnetic Stator, Permanent magnet generator stator and rotor, Rare Earth Magnets Stators, Motor Magnetic Components, Magnetic Stators for Motors or Generators Stator Features: House (Housing) Material: Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminum / Steel … Size(ODxIDxH): abouve Φ1  (customized size) Magnet Material: NdFeB / Alnico / Ferrite / SmCo … Magnet […]


Magnetic Motor Parts – Magnetic Inner Rotor – DZ Series

Magnetic Inner Rotor DZ Series, Magnetic Motor Parts, Internal Rotor for Motor, Permanent Magnetic Rotors Magnetic Inner Rotor – Internal Rotor Material: Stainless Steel / Brass / Aluminum / Steel … Size(ODxH): Φ1 – Φ260mm (customized size) Magnet Material: NdFeB / Alnico / Ferrite / SmCo … Magnet Poles Number: abouve 2 Features: magnetic torque […]