The Price Situation Of Ferrite Magnet

1, the price of iron ore has recently decreased, we all hope that the price decline of iron ore can bring about the decline of ferrite magnetic powder price. In fact, the price of Ferrite magnetic powder in China has remained at a high and stable state in the passed two months, with no sign of price decline.

2, The raw material of ferrite magnetic powder is iron red, iron red is produced by iron ore after the processing of steel manufacturing, Chinese steel enterprises monopolize the supply of iron red, till today iron red price has no sign of loosening.

The Price Situation Of Ferrite Magnet

The Price Situation Of Ferrite Magnet

3. Due to the fast development of new energy and automobile industry in China, the market demand for soft magnetic materials is very strong, more and more high-quality iron red materials are bought by the soft magnetic material manufacturers.

4. Strontium carbonate is an important raw material for strontium ferrite. Due to pollution control by the Chinese government, many strontium carbonate manufacturers have been forced to close down, which is another reason for the price rise of strontium ferrite. At present, the price of strontium carbonate has decreased slightly, which has little impact on the overall cost of strontium ferrite.

5. In the coming few months, based on various marketing signals, NEWLIFE judged that the price of ferrite magnetic powder would remain stable. As more and more users began to replace the Sr magnet by Ba magnets, so barium ferrite price may has the possibility of a small rise. The price difference between strontium ferrite and barium ferrite will become smaller and smaller.

6. Recently, commodity prices continue to rise, oil and natural gas prices have started to rise, it can be expected that the price of PVC and other chemical materials will probably have a sharp rise in the near future.

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