Textile Industry Magnets, Magnetic Separators

Textile Industry Magnets – HSMAG offers a wide range of magnetic separators to the textile industry including Magnetic drawers, Magnetic drum separators, Magnetic Grates and Magnetic Bars, Magnetic chutes, Plate magnets, and Self-Cleaning Magnetic Grate Separator. Where metal contamination occurs in a pneumatically conveyed pipeline, usually in the blow room, we recommend a Hump Magnet, The Magnetic Sweeper is used to keep floor space free from ferrous contamination.




Drawer Magnet and Housing

Drawer Magnet and Housing, Magnet Housings with Double, Triple & Four Row Drawer Grates, Permanent Magnetic Drawer, Drawer and Housing Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Grills, Industrial Rare Earth Magnetic Separator Drawer Drawer Magnet with strong magnetic force, simple structure and long service life,it is totally loved by customer. Aslo, it can save space and easy to […]


Drawer Magnets

Drawer Magnets, Drawer-in-Housing Magnet, Drawer Magnets for Magnetic Separation, Magentic Drawer Separator, Magnetic Grate Tubes in a Housing Drawer magnets provide valuable protection for injection molding machines, molds and dies. Mounted on the throat of the molding machine, tramp metal is stopped from flowing into the machine by powerful rare earth magnets. Drawer magnets are […]


Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing

Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing, Industrial Magnetics Drawer Magnets, Drawer Magnets Quick Clean, Drawer Magnets Self Cleaning, Manual Magnetic Housings, Continuous-Cleaning Magnet Housings with Drawer Grates Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing, consist of rows of round magnetic tubes that are assembled into drawers. Each drawer magnets’ tubes are aligned on alternating centers from the row directly above or below it. As […]


Magnetic Drawer Separator for Quartz Sand

Magnetic Drawer Separator for Quartz Sand, Magnetic Drawer for Silica Sand, Standard Normal Style Magnetic Drawer, Easy cleaning Style Magnetic Drawer, Fast Connection Liquid Drawer Magnets Magnetic Drawer for quartz sand,aslo named magnetic drawer separator for silica sand,with a special type, will always give customers a better impression.It is very suitable for someone to use […]


Super-Strong NdFeB Drawer Magnet

Super-Strong NdFeB Drawer Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Drawer, Standard Normal Style Magnetic Drawer, Easy Cleaning Style Magnetic Drawer, Super-Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Drawer Magnets, Super Powerful Drawer Magnet, High Powered Magnetic Drawer NdfeB drawer magnet or Super-Strong Neodymium Rare Earth Drawer Magnets is a kind of classical product. This product is always made by customer’s demand. […]


Customized Special Drawer Magnets

Customized Special Drawer Magnets, Custom Made Magnetic Drawers, Magnetic Separator Drawer Magnet, Magnetic Drawer-in-Housing, Drawer Magnets – Customer Design Drawing Drawer and Housing Magnet Multi-Level Grate Magnets in a Stainless Steel Housing One row / Double rows / Thress rows Ceramic-8A and Rare Earth-Neodymium Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade Available We manufacture units for the following […]