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This telescoping magnet is the ideal tool around the house or on the job to retrieve lost items, dropped or hard to reach metal items. This magnet sticks will Easily find and grab small tools or hardware in hard to reach areas such as cars, behind the work bench, or around the house.

Telescoping Pick Up Magnets

Telescoping Pick Up Magnets

1. Multi-purpose: It is a useful tool for you to pick up some needed metal items, or support you to clear away the metal debris that cannot be seen easily by eyes.
2.Telescoping stainless steel : The shaft is made of stainless steel, extendable,You can adjust the length based on your needs.
3.Permanent strong magnets: Neodymium-N42 .
4.Cosy grip: The grip is covered with double-deck rubber material to avoid hand slip when you use the tool, it feels relaxed, multiple colors for choice.
5.Lift capability: It can hold ranging 2-8 kgs. Strong enough to support you pick up proper weight items, like pliers, key chains, also easy to pick up small items, like bolts, screws, nails, sewing pins, sewing.

Both types of shape of magnets provide strong holding force,their way into areas otherwise inaccessible to hands and eyes. This magnetic pick-up tool is a brilliant item to have on hand in the home, garage, yard and office.
Easy to carry and convenient to use.

The telescoping pick up tool is great for picking up small ferrous metal partssuch as bolts, nuts, screws and spring tools from hard-to-reach spots that arecommon in places such as garages, kitchens and laboratories .These tools can expand very long to reach difficult-to-access crevices, yet can be compacted to put in your pocket or carry in a vehicle.

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