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USA Rare Earth

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Canada Want To Becoming A Rare Earths Supplier

Canada Want To Becoming A Rare Earths Supplier According to Canadian media reports, the Canadian Department of Natural Resources will hire a British company to provide market forecasts for the next 10 years for more than twenty important minerals used in the production of electric vehicle batteries, solar panels, wind turbines, and military equipment. The [...]

Geomega recycle USA Rare Earth’s waste

Geomega recycle USA Rare Earth's waste Quebec-based mining technology firm Geomega Resources Inc plans to recycle rare earth-containing production waste produced by critical minerals producer USA Rare Earth. Geomega will recycle the production waste from USA Rare Earth's future production of sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnets (sintered neo magnets) in the United States. [...]

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