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torque couplings

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Explanation of 15 magnetic materials related concepts

Explanation of 15 magnetic materials related concepts Summarize the knowledge of magnetic materials you have talked about, help everyone sort out and review the basic concepts related to magnetic materials ~ 1. Magnetic Experiments show that any substance can be more or less magnetic in the external magnetic field, but the degree of magnetization is [...]

Direct Magnetic Drive

Direct Magnetic Drive The traditional magnetic coupling evolved into a direct magnetic drive. This drive uses the pump’s internal magnet as the rotor for a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. This method eliminates the stand-alone motor, extra brackets and external magnet. The resulting product is a compact, inexpensive, hermitically sealed pump. To make an effective BLDC [...]

Traditional Magnetic Coupling

Traditional Magnetic Coupling Traditional magnetic couplings have a magnet internal to the pump which is attached to the driving gear. The magnet can be a simple ferrite magnet or, for higher coupling strengths, a magnet made from rare earth metals. Typically, the magnet is encased in a metal or plastic jacket to prevent contact with [...]


HOW OUR MAGNETIC COUPLING IS MADE Above a typical application History Longer than 40 years went out since we began collaborating with various Italian companies specialized in the design and construction of machines and systems to produce and molding polyurethane components. Many of these companies are now international leaders and are an excellence of the [...]


PERMANENT MAGNETIC COUPLING SOLUTIONS BY HSMAG INNOVATION QUALITY EXPERIENCE A magnetic coupling is a system that transfers torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection.Magnetic couplings are the most of the times used in pumps and propeller systems. This way a static physical barrier can be placed [...]

Magnetic Coupling Permanent Magnets Assembly

Magnetic Coupling Permanent Magnets Assembly A magnetic coupling is mainly composed of an outer rotor, an inner rotor and an isolating sleeve. Permanent magnet segments are closely arranged along the circumferential direction of the inner rotor, which forms a magnetic push-pull power circuit. The magnetic coupling transfers torque from one shaft using permanent magnetic field. [...]

Co-Axial Couplings

Co-Axial Couplings - The co-axial coupling consists of three parts, the inner hub, the outer hub, and the optional containment barrier. Both the inner and outer hubs consist of a series of rare earth magnets that are ground, potted, and glued to steel hubs. The inner hub is then completely sealed in stainless steel to [...]

Disc vs. Co-Axial Coupling Comparison

Disc vs. Co-Axial Coupling Comparison Coupling Style Disc (MTD) Co-Axial (MTC) Axial Forces High axial force which must be restrained Coupling finds its own center with ~0 axial force Slip Torque Adjustment Air gap can be adjusted to increase or decrease slip torque Coupling hubs can be seperated axially to decrease slip torque (axial force [...]

Magnetic Coupling

Magnetic Coupling consist of an outer and an inner drive. The two drives do not touch each other - the coupling works via the non-contact transfer of power, which means that the magnetic solution - in contrast to traditional solutions - does not experience any wear. The Magnetic Couplings is thus maintenance-free. Magnetic Couplings [...]

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