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Toolbox Magnet

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Magnetic Toolholder

Magnetic Toolholder HOLDING POWER! hobby magnet, Magnetic tool holder, Toolholder magnets, versatile magnet MAGNETIC TOOLHOLDER Fitted with strong magnets Not just a pretty accessory! Suitable for a WIDE variety of uses…. This Magnetic Toolholder is a perfect for both your small and light bits and pieces that get lost in your toolbox to your heavier [...]

Toolbox Magnet

Toolbox Magnet, Rubber Handle Magnet, Powerful Ergonomic Handle Magnet Toolbox Magnet - With a pull-off force resistance of 100+ pounds under ideal conditions, this magnet is a versatile tool. In addition to dealing with scrap steel in a shop, the magnet can clean up a lathe bed or a drill press table, and pick up grinding swarf. [...]

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