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Bonded SmFeN Magnetic Compounds

Bonded SmFeN Magnetic Compounds SmFeN magnetic material uses abundant rare-earth Sm element instead of expensive elements of Nd, Dy, Co, etc, and is the most cost-effective rare earth permanent magnetic material. Compared with the bonded neodymium magnet, the bonded SmFeN magnet has higher magnetic properties and lower prices. Moreover, curie temperature, corrosion resistance, and thermal [...]

Bonded Sm-Fe-N Permanent Magnets

Bonded Sm-Fe-N Permanent Magnets Sm2Fe17N3, which was discovered about seven years after Nd2Fe14B, has excellent intrinsic magnetic properties. Its uniaxial anisotropy, K1, Curie temperature, Tc and spontaneous magnetization, Ms are superior or comparable to those of earlier rare-earth permanent magnet materials. The ternary nitride is prepared from Sm2Fe17 by gas-phase interstitial modification with ammonia or [...]

Introduction About SmFeN Magnets

Introduction About SmFeN Magnets SmFeN magnet, also known as Samarium Iron Nitride magnets, are a type of rare-earth permanent magnet known for their strong magnetic properties. They are part of the rare-earth magnet family, which includes neodymium magnets as well. SmFeN magnets are made from a combination of samarium (Sm), iron (Fe), and nitrogen (N) [...]

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