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Sintered Neodymium Magnet

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Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnet – The Best Way To Identify Quality

Sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnet - The Best Way To Identify Quality The sintered Nd-Fe-B Neodymium magnet is one of the essential materials in pushing the progression of modern technology and the development of our society. Its applications widely cover most areas we encounter: hard drives, electric cars, industrial permanent magnetic devices, and consumer products such as [...]

UMC Recycle Rare Earth Magnets

UMC Recycle Rare Earth Magnets A Texas-based company recycles neodymium-based magnets to make new ones. Urban Mining Company (UMC), USA, has made a new process for reclaiming magnets containing rare earth metals to produce new, higher performance neodymium iron boron (Nd2Fe14B)-type sintered magnets. The methodology offers a practical way to reuse the minerals that are [...]

Magnetic Attachment Wireless Charging

Magnetic Attachment Wireless Charging Apple Inc. launched their iPhone 12 series recently. Magnetic attachment wireless charging and MagSafe accessories attracted the most attention and analysis. Actually, Apple Inc. has been already utilized magnetic attachment wireless charging in their iWatch and Apple Pencil, then also obtained positive market feedback. As a new type of energy transmission [...]

Sintered Neodymium Wedge Magnet for Wind Generator

Sintered Neodymium Wedge Magnet for Wind Generator Magnet ID:Generator-Motor-N45M-Ni-3 Magnet Material:NdFeB / Neodymium / Rare Earth Magnetic Grade:N45M Magnet Shape:Block / Wedge / Segment Surface & Coating:Nickel, Nickel+Nickel Original Manufacturer:HangSeng Magnetech (HSMAG / HS Magnetics / Solution:Customized you required material, grade, size, coating, shape, grade, pull force and woking temperature Origin:Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Supply [...]

Sintered Neodymium Processing

Sintered Neodymium Processing Sintered Neodymium Processing, ndfeb magnets manufacturing process 1. Mix the ingredients.. 2. Dissolve the mixture at high temperature and prepare an alloy. 3. Turn the alloy into fine powder. 4.When pressing the fine powder, apply a magnetic field to it and prepare a molded product of powder with aligned directions [...]

HSMAG Water Treatment Magnet in China

HSMAG Water Treatment Magnet, Magnetic Water Softener, Magnetic Water Treatment Device  in China Water Treatment Magnet: Neodymium magnets have application on water purifier too. Nowadays, the Sintered Neodymium Magnet and Ferrite Magnet can be used for making water purifier which plays important role in human daily life. magnetic water treatment device How does the [...]

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