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sintered neodymium iron-boron magnet

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What is the Temperature Resistance of Brushless Motor Magnets?

What is the Temperature Resistance of Brushless Motor Magnets? The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. Brushless motors use a set of electronic equipment to sense the position of permanent magnet poles through Hall elements. Based on this perception, electronic circuits are used to switch the [...]

Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Methods

Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Methods have 2 methods, inclued: Sintered Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Method and Bonded Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Method Neodymium Magnets Manufacturing Methods Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets: The sintered Neodymium Iron Boron magnet is produced by the OPS (orient-press-sinter) method. A crystalline alloy of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron is ground to a sub-micron powder using [...]

Pros and Cons for Magnetic Oil Pision in Furniture

HSMAG NEW PRODUCTS are Magnetic Oil Pision, Magnetic Tube for Oil Pision in furniture Magnetic Oil Pision - How we service our customer, help him to finish his idea and optimize the products to meet the efficient cost. HSMAG have received an client enquiry regarding magnet parts, requesting. 4polar Multiple magnetization Length of magnet: l.= [...]

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