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samarium cobalt permanent magnet

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Electromagnets: Two Forces Team Up

Electromagnets: Two Forces Team Up Resistive electromagnets, another type of temporary magnet, combine the powers of electricity and of magnetism to enormous effect. Although superconducting electromagnets, which we'll discuss soon, offer many advantages, certain laws of physics prevent them from reaching the field strengths electromagnets are capable of. Some of the world's most powerful resistive [...]

Superconducting Magnets: Power Unplugged

Superconducting Magnets: Power Unplugged Superconductivity is a very cool phenomenon in which electrical resistance is overcome with the help of very cold temperatures colder than anything this side of Pluto! Most superconducting magnets are made using an alloy called niobium-titanium  "Ni-Ti" for short. You could think of it this way: In a superconducting current, the [...]

A Boost for Permanent Magnets

A Boost for Permanent Magnets Scientists at TU Darmstadt explored on an atomic level how changes in iron content influence the micro-structure of samarium-cobalt based permanent magnets. Their results were published in Nature Communications. In the long run they could contribute to the development of permanent magnets with improved magnetic performance. These magnets can be [...]

Scientists Discover Potential Path to Improving Samarium-Cobalt Magnets

Scientists Discover Potential Path to Improving Samarium-Cobalt Magnets Scientists have discovered a potential tool to enhance magnetization and magnetic anisotropy, making it possible to improve the performance of samarium-cobalt magnets. The scientists, at the U.S. Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute at Ames Laboratory, in collaboration with the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience and [...]

A Breakthrough in Magnetic Material Surface Technology

A Breakthrough in Magnetic Material Surface Technology A few days ago, the magnetic material surface technical team of the Institute of Rare Earth Materials of Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute used the plasma spraying-grain boundary diffusion method to use heavy rare earth oxides to change the coercivity of the 50M magnet under the condition of [...]

How to Measure the Density of Magnetic Materials?

How to Measure the Density of Magnetic Materials? Materials that respond in a certain way to a magnetic field are called magnetic materials. According to the magnetic strength of the material in the external magnetic field, it can be divided into diamagnetic material, paramagnetic material, ferromagnetic material, antiferromagnetic material and ferrimagnetic material. Ferromagnetic substances and [...]

Magnetic Materials Report 5 – China’s Magnetic Materials Enterprises

Magnetic Materials Report 5 - China's Magnetic Materials Enterprises As of 2020, there are quite a few companies of different scales engaged in magnetic materials in China, and the competition within the industry is fierce. This report focuses on several representative leading companies. China's Magnetic Materials Enterprises Ningbo Yunsheng Co., Ltd. Company Profile [...]

Magnetic Materials Report 4 – China’s Magnetic Material Industry Application

Magnetic Materials Report 4 - China's Magnetic Material Industry Application Industry application Automotive electronics industry application Over the years, the development of the fuel automobile industry has entered a slow period, but electronic information technology has developed rapidly in the past two or three decades. The application and innovation of automobile electronic technology has greatly [...]

Magnetic Materials Report 3 – China’s Magnetic Materials Market Segmentation

Magnetic Materials Report 3 - China's Magnetic Materials Market Segmentation Ferrite Magnetic Materials Production of ferrite magnetic materials Ferrite magnetic materials are an important branch of magnetic materials. From 2015 to 2019, the output of ferrite permanent magnet materials and soft magnetic materials in China generally showed a relatively fluctuating trend. In 2019, the output [...]

Classification of Magnetic Materials

Classification of Magnetic Materials Magnetic materials refer to substances composed of transition elements iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys that can directly or indirectly generate magnetism. Magnetic materials have different classification standards: according to material and structure, magnetic materials include metals and alloys. Magnetic materials and iron Oxygen magnetic materials are divided into two categories, [...]

Magnetic Materials Series Report 2 – Industry Chain and Market

Magnetic Materials Series Report 2 - Industry Chain and Market Magnetic material industry chain structure In the downstream application of magnetic materials, because of the magnetoelectric, magneto-optical and other properties of magnetic materials, the materials are widely used in modern industrial products. The magnetic material raw material supply layer involves the iron oxide, manganese tetroxide, [...]

Magnetic Materials Series Report Overview – 1

Magnetic Materials Series Report Overview - 1 Overview of Magnetic Materials Magnetic materials are the third-level sub-category industry of special metal functional materials in the overall industry of new materials magnetism of matter Magnetic Materials Overview Magnetism is the effect of magnetic force on a substance placed in a non-uniform magnetic field. Any substance can [...]

Which Permanent Magnet is The Best for Your Project?

Which Permanent Magnet is The Best for Your Project? There are many types of permanent magnets, and different types have different characteristics and applications. This article will introduce you to the five types of permanent magnets. You can find out which one is right for you and what kind of permanent magnet product your company [...]


Samarium Cobalt MATERIAL GRADES Known as Rare Earth magnets, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) are alloys of the Lanthanide group of elements. SmCo magnets have been commercially available since the early 1970’s, first as a 1-5 Type alloy, and later with the introduction of the 2-17 type. Both alloys offer outstanding thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance. [...]

What are the common types of magnetic steel?

What are the common types of magnetic steel ? (1) AlNiCo magnets: AlNiCo magnets are the oldest kind of magnets, known as natural magnets, which can work normally at temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius, which is his greatest feature, in addition to corrosion resistance than other magnets. (2) Ferrite magnet: a kind of permanent magnet [...]

The Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material

The Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material, Rare earth permanent magnet, samarium cobalt (SmCo) permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron permanent magnet (NdFeB), Sintered magnets Rare earth permanent magnetic material is the samarium, neodymium rare earth metal and transition metal (such as cobalt, iron and so on) the composition of the alloy, powder metallurgy method of pressure sintering, a magnetic [...]

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