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Rubber Handle Magnet

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Toolbox Magnet

Toolbox Magnet, Rubber Handle Magnet, Powerful Ergonomic Handle Magnet Toolbox Magnet - With a pull-off force resistance of 100+ pounds under ideal conditions, this magnet is a versatile tool. In addition to dealing with scrap steel in a shop, the magnet can clean up a lathe bed or a drill press table, and pick up grinding swarf. [...]

What is Rubber Handle Magnets?

Rubber Handle Magnets supply up to 100LBS power. Rubber Handle Magnet is made on the basis of ergonomic design and smart appearance. 100 lbs. Rubber Handle Magnets Rubber Handle Magnets is very great for retrieving and moving shelves, metal sheet, pipes and some hardware tools. Magnet is encased in durable red plastic shell [...]

Uses for Rubber Handle Magnet

Workers and engineers responsible for servicing machinery and equipment of all types love this rubber handled magnet for attracting and securing metal fragments fouling valuable apparatus. These hand tools are common among maintenance crews and mechanics servicing the defence sector, maritime and offshore vehicles and the oil, gas and mining industries. Rubber Handle Magnets [...]

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