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Precast Formwork

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Shuttering Magnets Structure

Shuttering Magnets Structure - HSMAG Precast produced shuttering magnets 450-3100KGS which is a large size shuttering magnet specification for steel precast concrete platform. HSMAG shuttering magnet is an ideal range of applications perfectly suitable for all kinds of precast concrete formwork construction, both for wood and steel shuttering. All HSMAG shuttering magnets have extraordinarily high [...]

Precast Formwork Shutter Magnet

Precast Formwork Shutter Magnet are used for building constructions , shuttering magnets is a formwork holder, or cement hold magnet box which made of steel and Block Magnet .The structure of concrete magnet is very trim, every mechanic part are well welded thus the structure is also very stable. Construction workers could adjust the magnetic [...]

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