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Pot Magnets for Sale

Pot Magnets for Sale Either pot magnet or cup magnets it is named after its shape and they both refer to the same group of magnetic products. By gluing a round shape magnet into a steel pot/cup you get a prototype pot magnet and based on that prototype there are so many extensions being made [...]

Cap Neodymium Square Magnets with Counterboreds

Cap Neodymium Square Magnets with Counterboreds, Pot Cap Neodymium Rectangular Magnet with Cylindrical borehole Parts Product name L W H Screw standard M Adsorptive power kgf LB10 Pot Cap Neodymium 10mmX13.5mmX5mm/M3 Cylindrical borehole N-pole 10 13.5 5 M3 2.64 kgf LB15 Pot Cap Neodymium 15mmX13.5mmX5mm/M3 Cylindrical borehole N-pole 15 13.5 5 M3 3.83 kgf LB20 Pot Cap [...]

Ferrite Pot Magnets

Ferrite Pot Magnets Ferrite pot magnets, also known as holding magnets, are a great choice for clamping, gripping and fixing components together. Made from a ferrite magnet encased in a steel shell, these ultra-strong magnets can withstand ongoing impact without chipping or cracking. Designed to clamp directly onto a steel surface, ferrite cup magnets are [...]


HSMAG, YOUR BEST CUSTOM NEODYMIUM MAGNET SUPPLIER HSMAG support customized magnet and accepts Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Magnets for sale. We are the market leader in permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies technology. We develop and manufacture a full range of Neodymium products including high strength, high energy magnet grades such as: N52, 50M, 48H, 45SH, [...]

Magnetic Clip Carabiner Hooks

Magnetic Clip Carabiner Hooks Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnet with Stainless Steel Swiveling Carabiner Snap Hooks Magnetic Carabiner Hooks Our Best Selling Product! Magnetic Clip Carabiner Hooks Magnetic Carabiner Hooks may be used indoors or outdoors to permanently or temporarily attach to various ferrous metal surfaces such as I-beams, door frames, inventory racks, work [...]

Magnetic Pot Magnets

Magnetic Pot Magnets, Cup magnets, Mounting magnets, Magnetic holder, Magnetic hook, Round base magnet We offer Magnetic Pot Magnet:Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting, Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Mounting (Deep Pot), Pot Magnet with Countersunk Mounting (Shallow Pot), Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting, Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud / [...]

Led Work Light Magnetic Base

Led Work Light Magnetic Base 1. Pot magnet basically classified into 01 series(C type), 04 series(A type), 06 series(B type), 08 Series(D TYPE), another 10 series 2. Material, normal is Metal Q235 + NdFeB magnets, there are also Brass, alumium, stainless, Smco, Alnico, ferrite 3. Standard: DIN 315 4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS Led [...]

Pot magnets with rubber coating

Pot magnets with rubber coating - Thanks to the arrangement of magnets and the rubber coating, this type of pot magnets is ideal for use on surfaces which should not be scratched and / or where movement or slippage of a normal metal pot magnet system is a problem. This makes its use recommended for [...]

Pot magnets ferrite plastic coated

HSMAG NEW PRODUCTS: Pot magnets - ferrite - plastic coated These Excello ferrite pot magnets with plastic coated pot belongs to the group of exclusive magnets. Thanks to the plastic coated pot this magnet has an exclusive white surface and is often used for applications with high demands regarding the design and exterior looks of [...]

HSMAG New Pot Magnets Website:

HSMAG New Pot Magnet Website: New Pot Magnets Website:  As our pot magnets sell well, our company re-creates a new website sales platform with rare earth pot magnet as the main product, focusing on promotion mounting magnets on the rare earth pot magnets Features: 1. Simple structure properly designed with maximized magnetic force, saving [...]

October 26th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic System, Pot Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets|

Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle

Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle - 70 Watt Halogen - Adjustable - Waterproof, 24 Volt - Hand Magnetic spotlight - Military HUMVEE - 10 Million Candle Power HSMAG's magnetic mounting base design for client, be used customer' s product magnetic spotlight with control handle 24 volt. The magnetic base also called kown as Ferrite Magnetic Round [...]

What are the different types of permanent magnet?

There are many different types of permanent magnets available such as horseshoe magnets and weld clamp magnets. Here are a few details about the magnets covered in this guide: Bar magnets Bar magnets are a type of magnet where the length is greater than the width. They can be used in a large variety of [...]

Which type of pot magnet should you choose?

types-of-pot-magnets Pot magnets can be used in a variety of different ways. Each magnet has particular features which specialise them for these tasks. Countersunk pot magnets Countersunk pot magnet attached to an exhibition display sign A countersunk pot magnet should be chosen when a pot magnet needs to be attached to a non-ferromagnetic [...]

Custom Mounting Magnet

Custom mounting magnet consist of a strong neodymium magnet inside a steel cup, they include countersunk holes or threads to be used with other parts together. They can be easily attract to a steel or any other iron materials. A mounting magnet always provides stronger pull force than what you get with the magnet alone, [...]

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