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Pot Magnet: An Undervalued Magnetic Assembly

Pot Magnet: An Undervalued Magnetic Assembly Pot Magnet - Most users think that the production process of pot magnet as easy as below flow chart, but it is not true. In order to meet various requirements, the manufacturers need to consider many factors to satisfy the customer-specified pull force. Pot Magnet An Undervalued Magnetic Assembly [...]

NdFeB Internal Female threaded Pot magnet

NdFeB Internal Female threaded Pot magnet, Neodymium Pot Magnet With Internal Thread Powerful neodymium magnet with steel cup in a nickle coating Female threaded Pot magnet with internal thread, easy to install or fix. This pot magnet has a wide variety of application, used for holding , mounting,lifting some objects. Neodymium magnet pot can be [...]

White plastic coating countersunk ferrite pot magnet

HSMAG FEATURE PRODUCTS: White plastic coating countersunk ferrite pot magnet Excello pot magnet with countersunk. Ferrite magnet enclosed in an exclusive plastic coated pot. The white coating provides the pot magnet with a more exclusive look while the countersunk ensures easy mounting of the magnet. Highly suitable for visible holding applications with high demands to [...]

Neodymium Iron Boron Shallow Pot Holding Magnet w/ Loop

HSMAG NEW Products: 25mm Neodymium Iron Boron Shallow Pot Holding Magnet w/ Loop A sintered Neodymium Iron Boron permanent shallow pot type holding magnet that works by directing and concentrating the magnetic flux from each pole of the magnet to the exposed, active face. Suitable for a wide range of applications. With loops ø25mm [...]

Standard Holding Magnet Systems

Standard Holding Magnet Systems Holding Magnet Systems BY HSMAG - We carry an extensive selection of holding magnet systems in many designs for holding forces from 5 N – 900 N: Pot magnet assemblies with hard ferrite magnets Pot magnet assemblies with samarium cobalt magnets Pot magnet assemblies with neodymium iron boron magnets Rod magnet [...]

New Products GPS Antenna Magnetic Mount

HSMAG New Products GPS Antenna Magnetic Mount Magnetic Mount - Rubber Coated  Round Base Magnet: These products are mainly used for GPS Antenna Magnetic A Mount Pot Magnet Used: Round Base Magnet with Rubber Coated and Steel Size: OD 3.47 Inch, Cup height 0.326 Inch, Thread M6 gps-antenna-magnetic-mount It's a heavy duty magnetic mount [...]

Why magnetic assemblies are so popular in USA and Europe market?

Magnetic assemblies are popular in USA and Europe market! Come to talk about some magnetic tools, such as magnetic parts tray, pot magnet/ mounting magnet, magnetic hand tools, and,etc., they are helpful for automotive industrial and home using. They are not so popular in china, but we have to be noted that those magnetic tools [...]

Customer’s Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base 5 inch dia HSMAG's customer product Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder or Tool Holder usd our pot magnets, 5' Dia Ferrite Magnetic Round Base: Pot Magnet Merial: Ferrite or Ceramic Diameter: 5-inch Pull Force: 200 pound Coating: Black Magnetic FlashLight Holder can accommodate any size, shape or weight flashlight. 200 pound [...]

What are the different types of pot magnet?

There are five types of pot magnet: countersunk, internal threaded, through hole, bi-pole and stud. The pot magnets vary in their attachments, which allow them to be connected to different types of objects, such as supermarket signs and articulated gauging arms. Countersunk pot magnets Countersunk pot magnets are a type of a pot magnet with [...]

How does pot magnet work?

a through hole pot magnet A pot magnet works by attaching itself to ferromagnetic materials with the help of its magnetic field, or to non-ferromagnetic materials with the help of fittings (such as studs and threaded holes) on the top of its steel shell. steel shell on a pot magnet The [...]

May 28th, 2016|How To, Magnetic Field, Pot Magnets|

which parts do pot magnet have ?

Parts of a pot magnet: steel shell, spacer and magnet Magnet Magnet of a pot magnet A pot magnet's magnetic face is only exposed on one side of the steel pot. The north pole of a pot magnet is in the centre of the magnet, with the south pole around the outside edge. The configuration [...]

Which ways to use a pot magnet ?

Which ways to use a pot magnet, Pot magnets application, what are pot magnets used for There are many ways to use a pot magnet. To illustrate their applicability, here are a few examples: Magnetic light fittings Magnetic down light being held by a stud pot magnet Internal threaded stud pot magnets can be used [...]

What is a pot magnet?

steel shell of pot magnet A pot magnet is a permanent magnet encased in a steel shell, which is sometimes called a pot, hence the name 'pot' magnet. A permanent magnet emits a magnetic field without the need for any electricity. Magnetic field lines of a pot magnet The steel shell helps the [...]

May 4th, 2016|Magnetic Field, Pot Magnets|

What do I need to go magnet fishing?

To go magnet fishing you only need two things: 1. A magnet with some kind of hole in it. 2. A rope as strong as the weight the magnet can hold. The magnets You need a strong magnet you are able to attach the rope to. It either has to have a hole in it [...]