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Pinning-controlled permanent magnets

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Superconducting Magnets: Power Unplugged

Superconducting Magnets: Power Unplugged Superconductivity is a very cool phenomenon in which electrical resistance is overcome with the help of very cold temperatures colder than anything this side of Pluto! Most superconducting magnets are made using an alloy called niobium-titanium  "Ni-Ti" for short. You could think of it this way: In a superconducting current, the [...]

A Boost for Permanent Magnets

A Boost for Permanent Magnets Scientists at TU Darmstadt explored on an atomic level how changes in iron content influence the micro-structure of samarium-cobalt based permanent magnets. Their results were published in Nature Communications. In the long run they could contribute to the development of permanent magnets with improved magnetic performance. These magnets can be [...]

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