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17 Surprising Ways To Use A Magnetic Pickup Tool

17 Surprising Ways To Use A Magnetic Pickup Tool There are more uses for that magnetic pickup tool than just screws and nails. According to General Tools: When most people think of using a magnetic pickup tool they think of the most basic uses: picking up nails and screws that they have dropped on the [...]

AlNiCo VS Ceramic Pickups

AlNiCo VS Ceramic Pickups If you're into guitar or bass guitar pickups and mods, you probably hear the words "AlNiCo" and "Ceramic" a lot. These terms refer to the magnetic bar located inside the actual guitar pickup of your guitar. Most guitar manufacturers mention the pickup types they use on each guitar model but some [...]

Magnets for Pickups

One of our favorite applications is magnets for pickups. There are many things to consider if you are looking to optimize your guitar to its full potential, and pickups are arguably one of the most important elements of customization. If you are a skilled designer of pickups looking to create the best sound from your [...]

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