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permanent magnet strength

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Do Magnet Coating Affect Magnet Strength?

Do Magnet Coating Affect Magnet Strength? Some customers ask whether the magnet coating will affect its magnetic strength from time to time? How big is the impact? Let's talk about this topic today. This is indeed an important factor to be considered. Although the distance of one or two millimeters between the magnet and another [...]

Magnetic Pulleys & Magnetic Separator Conveyors

HSMAG Magnetic pulleys simply mount in place of your head pulley or we may integrate the Magnetic Pulley with a HSMAG Industrial conveyor to accommodate your application. Any ferrous metal mixed with your product is captured and held to the belt face and carried 180 degrees to the underside of the pulley and released via [...]

Permanent Magnet Strength

There are two primary types of magnets: electromagnets and permanent magnets. Electromagnets are essentially magnets that have an on and off switch. They have magnet power in the presence of an electrical current and lose their power when this current stops. Permanent Magnet Strength As you may have inferred by their name, permanent [...]

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