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permanent magnet material

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Classification of Magnetic Materials

Classification of Magnetic Materials Magnetic materials refer to substances composed of transition elements iron, cobalt, nickel and their alloys that can directly or indirectly generate magnetism. Magnetic materials have different classification standards: according to material and structure, magnetic materials include metals and alloys. Magnetic materials and iron Oxygen magnetic materials are divided into two categories, [...]


What is the MAGNETIC MOMENT The magnetic moments is a property that we use to verify the quality of our magnets. It is a way to measure the strength of a magnet and is widely used throughout the industry. Moreover, it is an easy, quick, and repeatable measurement. The magnet grade and magnet volume define [...]

How to Find a Reliable China’s Magnet Manufacturer

How to Find a Reliable China's Magnet Manufacturer High-performance neodymium permanent magnet material made of rare earth materials, with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product. It is widely used in automobiles, new energy vehicles, wind power, and energy saving Many industrial fields such as elevators and air conditioners. If you want to [...]

China Ferrite Magnet Encyclopedia-magnet Manufacturer

China Ferrite Magnet Encyclopedia-magnet Manufacturer In this article, as a professional industrial magnet product manufacturer, HSMAG magnet factory (China Ferrite Magnet Encyclopedia-magnet Manufacturer) is going to walk you through ferrite magnet's industrial knowledge. More info, stay tuned. Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet made mainly from SrO or BaO and Fe2O3. Developed by [...]

Advances in Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Materials Technology

Advances in Bonded NdFeB Magnetic Materials Technology China has developed the largest specification of bonded NdFeB magnets, which has been successfully developed and sent to the United States for testing. The bonded NdFeB magnetic sample has a net weight of 400 grams, compared to the traditional micro-bonded ferroniobium with a weight of only a few [...]

Sintered NdFeB Magnets in Solar Energy Industry

Sintered NdFeB Magnets in Solar Energy Industry As a solar energy industry that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, sintered NdFeB magnets have been widely used in information technology, automotive, nuclear magnetic resonance, wind power and electric motors. It is expected that the compound growth rate will be around 20% in the next 3-5 years. Due [...]

About Some Magnet Knowledge

About Some Magnet Knowledge Permanent magnet material: The permanent magnet material is magnetized by an external magnetic field and does not disappear. It can provide a stable magnetic field to the external space. There are four common metrics for NdFeB permanent magnets: Remanence (Br) units are Tesla (T) and Gauss (Gs) 1Gs = 0.0001T A [...]

What are the common types of magnetic steel?

What are the common types of magnetic steel ? (1) AlNiCo magnets: AlNiCo magnets are the oldest kind of magnets, known as natural magnets, which can work normally at temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius, which is his greatest feature, in addition to corrosion resistance than other magnets. (2) Ferrite magnet: a kind of permanent magnet [...]

Magnetizationed NdFeB Permanent Magnet, Easy to Attract

Magnetizationed NdFeB Permanent Magnet Easy to Attract NdFeB permanent magnet material is a kind of reserve metal materials, with the continuous expansion of modern science and technology, its use has also been widely used. magnetizationed-ndfeb-permanent-magnet NdFeB permanent magnet material stored in moderate temperature and humidity, in the absence of other effects of magnetic [...]

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