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Learning with Neocubes BuckyBalls for Education

Learning with Neocubes BuckyBalls for Education and Toys - Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys Buy an colorful BuckyBalls (Neocubes) and get one of the fascinating toys - but it’s is not only for kids, also adults can have a lot of fun with the magnetic balls. Create different kinds of shapes and designs - billions [...]

Neocubes & Ningboballs Specifications

A Neocubes & Ningboballs is a strong magnetic sphere with two poles – one of which attracts, while the other repels. This is a natural phenomenon. This effect can be demonstrated using only two spheres. It only becomes a true puzzle once you put many Neocubes & Ningboballs together and start forming shapes. Countless options! A standard [...]

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