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Neodymium Hook Magnets

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Neodymium Magnetic Hooks

Neodymium Magnetic Hooks has high pull strength, can hold from 2.2kgs to164kgs. Neodymium-Magnetic-Hooks Magnetic Hook has a powerful NdFeB magnet in a durable metal cup Mounting hole ( M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 )in the center of hook. Surface coating of metal cup and magnet is nickle plated. High holding power, super [...]

Magnetic Carabiner Hooks

Magnetic Carabiner Hooks - Powerful magnetic hooks with carabiner, diameter from 20mm to 60mm, holds up to 220pounds. Super strong magnetic base has snap hook, that hooks can attach to any metal surface, such as, metal cabinets, tool kit, storage rack, door frame, metal locker and so on. You may use magnetic carabiner hooks to [...]

Super Strong Magnetic Hooks On Store Room Metal Door

Magnetic Hooks Customer Contribution: Our customer Makus Lyondero send us these photos of the difference some hook magnets made to organising his store room Can you spot the magnetic hooks used on the inside door of this store room (a.k.a. Bomb Shelter)? Our customer Makus Lyondero decided to put his Dia. 36mm Super Strong Neodymium Hook [...]

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