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NdFeB powder

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Plastic Bonded Magnets

Plastic Bonded Magnets Plastic bonded magnets are particle composites with permanent-magnet powder embedded in a plastic binder. Hard ferrite (HF), various SmCo and NdFeB powders and, to a very little extent, AINiCo alloys are used as magnetic powder. For embedding the magnetic particles, thermoplastic binders as, for instance, polyamide (PA) or polyphenyl sulfide (PPS) and [...]

Recycling NdFeB Magnet

Recycling NdFeB Magnet, Recycling sintered NdFeB-type magnets, Hydrogen decrepitation,Blending,Grain growth,Scrap magnets,Recovery of magnetic parameters,Sintering, Recycling Rare earth elements Recycling NdFeB Magnet - Rare earth elements have been becoming a critical part of everyday life and advanced technological development during the past several decades. The rare earth demands are rising and its supplies are in question [...]

Pressless Process in Route of Obtaining Sintered NdFeB Magnets – Pressless Process Magnets

Pressless Process in Route of Obtaining Sintered NdFeB Magnets Highlights / Pressless Process Magnets, PLP magnets •A review of the pressless process for NdFeB magnets in the world and Russia is given. •Enhancement of the alignment degree by application of pulsed magnetic field is studied. •Reduction of the friction forces via addition of internal lubricants [...]


PLASTIC BONDED NdFeB MAGNETS (MQ1) Plastic Bonded NdFeB magnets are manufactured by binding rapidly-quenched nanocrystalline NdFeB powder with polymer binders. These plastic bonded magnets have an isotropic material structure. Different types of binders can be used depending on the requirements. Several techniques for producing plastic bonded NdFeB magnet types are available: Compression Moulding After mixing [...]

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