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ndfeb pot magnet

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NdFeB Internal Female threaded Pot magnet

NdFeB Internal Female threaded Pot magnet, Neodymium Pot Magnet With Internal Thread Powerful neodymium magnet with steel cup in a nickle coating Female threaded Pot magnet with internal thread, easy to install or fix. This pot magnet has a wide variety of application, used for holding , mounting,lifting some objects. Neodymium magnet pot can be [...]

Rare-Earth Magnet Cup & Washer Sets

Rare-Earth Magnet Cup & Washer Sets, countersunk magnet, ndfeb pot magnet, mounting magnets Cup & Washer Sets Rare-Earth Magnet- Using rare-earth magnets with our counterbored zinc-plated steel cups and washers is an excellent way to make a wide range of fastening systems, such as closures in cabinet doors or box lids. Mounting magnets in cups increases [...]

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