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NdFeB magnet industry

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Sintered NdFeB Magnets in Solar Energy Industry

Sintered NdFeB Magnets in Solar Energy Industry As a solar energy industry that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, sintered NdFeB magnets have been widely used in information technology, automotive, nuclear magnetic resonance, wind power and electric motors. It is expected that the compound growth rate will be around 20% in the next 3-5 years. Due [...]

Recycling NdFeB Magnet

Recycling NdFeB Magnet, Recycling sintered NdFeB-type magnets, Hydrogen decrepitation,Blending,Grain growth,Scrap magnets,Recovery of magnetic parameters,Sintering, Recycling Rare earth elements Recycling NdFeB Magnet - Rare earth elements have been becoming a critical part of everyday life and advanced technological development during the past several decades. The rare earth demands are rising and its supplies are in question [...]

CeFeB permanent magnet Ce2Fe14B

CeFeB permanent magnet Ce-based R2Fe14B (R= rare-earth) nano-structured permanent magnets consisting of (Ce,Nd)2Fe14B core-shell grains separated by a non-magnetic grain boundary phase, in which the relative amount of Nd to Ce is higher in the shell of the magnetic grain than in its core, were fabricated by Nd-Cu infiltration into (Ce,Nd)2Fe14B hot-deformed magnets. The coercivity [...]

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