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Powerful magnets can kill cancer cells

Powerful magnets can kill cancer cells According to the British "Daily Express" reported on October 8, recently Korean scientists have made new breakthroughs in cancer therapy. They have developed a weapon against this disease, using powerful magnetic pulses to open the "self-destructive" inside the tumor. Switch to make cancer cells "suicide" effectively. The research was [...]


Electromagnetism - To create a magnet or magnetic field, we are going to have to look at how they are generated. The relationship between current and magnetics field behave according to the right-hand rule. As current passes through a wire, a magnetic field forms around the wire in the direction of your fingers as they [...]

Types of Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs)

The physical and chemical properties of magnetic nanoparticles largely depend on the synthesis method and chemical structure. In most cases, the particles range from 1 to 100 nm in size and may display superparamagnetism. Types of magnetic nanoparticles Oxides: ferrites Ferrite nanoparticles or iron oxide nanoparticles (iron oxides in crystal structure of maghemite or magnetite) [...]

A Magnetic Handle Put into Nanoparticles

A long-sought goal of creating particles that can emit a colorful fluorescent glow in a biological environment, and that could be precisely manipulated into position within living cells, has been achieved by a team of researchers at MIT and several other institutions. The finding is reported this week in the journal Nature Communications. The new [...]

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