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What is the Pull Force of N50 Magnet?

What is the Pull Force of N50 Magnet? Many netizens are interested in the tensile force value of N50 grade neodymium magnets. The following are some tensile force data compiled by the neodymium magnet manufacturer HSMAG for you. I hope it will help you. The pulling force of the magnet is not only related to [...]

Wind Alternator Generator Ndfeb Permanent Magnet

Wind Alternator Generator Ndfeb Permanent Magnet Magnet ID:Generator-Motor-N50-Ni-2 Magnet Material:Neodymium-iron-boron, NdFeB Magnetic Grade:N50 Magnet Shape:Block, Arc Surface & Coating:Ni , Ni+Cu+Ni Original Manufacturer:HangSeng Magnetech (HSMAG / HS Magnetics / Solution:Customized you required material, grade, size, coating, shape, grade, pull force and woking temperature Origin:Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Supply Ability:50000pcs/day Certification:SGS,TUV,ISO9001,ROHS,TS16949 Wind Alternator Generator Ndfeb [...]

N50 Neodymium Hook Magnet

The strongest magnetic materials, Neodymium Iron Boron(NdFeB)magnet, rare-earth magnet in pot Grade N50 Neodymium Hook magnet Size: Diameter: 42mm Vertical Attraction strength::32KG Surface: Ni coated Magnetized through thickness N50 Neodymium Hook Magnet Tip Strong magnets should Keep away from Ironware and some easily magnetized iron products,such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile [...]

N50 Strong Neodymium Block Magnet 50x50x25mm

Recently our company provides 1000pcs Strong neodymium block magnets 50x50x25mm N50 grade product for our customer Usbenz in Germany, Strong neodymium block magnet is used in motor application. No Matter you buy 1 pcs or 100,000 pcs of magnets, you can not find better service elsewhere. n50-strong-neodymium-block-magnet-50x50x25mm Neodymium magnets are the world's strongest magnets, [...]

HSMAG New Product Uniform Magnetic Equipment for Client

HSMAG New Design Product - Uniform Magnetic Equipment, Industrial Magnetic Assembly for Our a Old Client Uniform Magnetic Equipment - Our company collaborated with a laboratory and completed the testing of uniform magnetic field equipment with charged particles. As shown in the figure, the equipment consists of two sections of N50 big block magnets with [...]

HSMAG New Design For Magnetic Plating Tank

HSMAG New Design For Magnetic Plating Tank, Industrial Magnetic Assemblies, We supply Magnetic Solution for client's product. Magnetic Plating Tank - HSMAG's one customer needed 2000Gs in a specific area that had a length of 300mm, a width of 240mm and a height of 320mm. Using our calculations and experience, we designed this magnetic assembly for [...]

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